Air Impact Wrench Comparison Table & Calculator


Impact Wrench PressureAvg. Air Consump.TorqueBPMWeightNoiseInlet
Aircat 1150
aircat-1150small90-120 psi4.3 cfm1295 ft-lbs14004.5 lbs86 db1/4" NPT
Ingersoll-Rand 231C
ingersoll-rand-231csmall90-100 psi4.2 cfm425 ft-lbs12005.3 lbs99 db1/4" NPT
Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX
ingersoll-rand-2135timaxsmall90-100 psi5 cfm750 ft-lbs12504 lbs109 db1/4" NPT


NB: The calculator has a ‘safety factor’ of 1.2x cfm incorporated to ensure the right compressor is chosen. It also also factors in the variability in duty cycle assumptions that different companies use when calculating the average cfm rating for their air impact wrench.

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