Sep 162014

Table showing technical specifications of the California Air Tools CAT-6310 portable air compressorTheImage of the portable air compressor, the California Air Tools CAT-6310 CAT-6310 is one of the quietest compressors in its class and it is oil-free. Another nice feature is the mositure trap that removes some of the excess condesation from the air before it gets to the tank. It also comes with some basic wheels so that it can be moved around fairly easily although the handle may be a bit low for taller individuals. Another plus is that it also comes with the more durable ball drain valve on the air tank. Negatives include pressure gauges that are facing outward instead of upward making them a little awkward to read for any normal-sized person, and it takes just over 2 minutes to fill the tank when first switched on.

Which air tools does it work with?

  • Air Nailers: it works fine with the smaller Brad and most Finish nailers but will struggle to keep up with the bigger Framing nailers.
  • Air Impact Wrenches: it is NOT recommended for powering air impact wrenches.
  • Air Sprayers:ย it is NOT recommended for powering air sprayers but it can just about keep up with intermittent spraying of the A-C1 (4cfm @ 30 psi).
  • Air Sanders:ย it is NOT recommended for powering air sanders.

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