About Us


Why Do-It-Yourself?

In today’s fast-paced, stressful world, many of us are finding that the work involved in physical building projects in the home and beyond can be a great way to unwind and even be a catharsis of sorts. After hundreds of thousands of years of evolution solving day-to-day survival problems with just our hands and a few simple tools, it is perhaps not surprising the positive psychological and physical effects that DIY can have on us. Indeed, many of us would much rather work with our hands in calm solitude rather than get involved in the often infinitely more difficult minefield of social interaction. Add to that the elation of seeing through a DIY project to a successful completion, and doing one's own DIY work not only feels good but is also incredibly rewarding.

Why DIY fidelity?

Ideally, to complete a building or home improvement project oneself, one usually needs the skill, the experience, and the knowledge to carry through a project to a successful ending. And it is that last requirement where we hope to fit in. By providing you with the best information about the plethora of different tools, equipment and techniques involved in a range of DIY jobs that one typically encounters in and around the home, we hope to help you complete that project with ease.

Power Tools Are Key

One aspect, in particular, that is often confusing for many-a-novice, when it comes to DIY, is deciding on the right tools for the job. The variety of tools that can be used for a particular building job can be diverse and deciding on the best one can be a difficult task. To make things even more confusing, each tool type often comes in a multitude of makes and models. As a result, one of our main focuses here at DIY fidelity is to critically examine as many popular tools out there as possible. By focusing on the technical characteristics as well as what buyers and reviewers have actually said about a particular tool, we are often able to get a true sense of how well it performs and how appropriate it is for the average DIYer. This should make the problem of picking the right tool for the job an easier prospect.

Any Thoughts?

Here at DIY fidelity, we are always looking for ways to improve our website to provide the best information and the best user experience. So if there is any DIY tool, technique or topic that you would like to see us cover, then dont hesitate to get in touch.