California Air Tools CAT-10020

California Air Tools CAT-10020 air compressor
Selected technical specifications of the California Air Tools CAT-10020 air compressor

The California Air Tools 10020 is a nice-looking beast of an air compressor and is pretty quiet given its power and the fact that it is oil-free. Its wheels obviate the need to lift it when moving it around, but they are pretty basic so don't expect to travel far with them!  Using the newly incorporated 'Easy Start Valve' when starting up, draws only 14 amps allowing it to be run off a regular household electrical outlet although it is preferable to be on a 20A circuit to ensure that it doesn't trip any breakers. The tank will fill up from start-up in about 2 mins, reaching 125 psi, and then will cut back in when the pressure drops to 80-90 psi. For draining the tank of excess condensation, it has the preferred ball drain valve.


Which air tools does it work with?

  • Air Nailers: it will work very well with all Brad, Finish and Framing air nailers.
  • Air Impact Wrenches: it will work fine with most 1/2" impact wrenches.
  • Air Sprayers: it will work fine with small HVLP air sprayers on small and medium-sized spray jobs but may NOT give good results on anything larger (like a car).
  • Air Sanders: it is NOT recommended for powering most air sanders.