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DEWALT DWFP55130 air compressor
Selected technical specifications of the DEWALT DWFP55130 air compressor

The DEWALT DWFP55130 is an oil-free air compressor that has been designed to be quieter than compressors of similar power. The motor requires only 12 amps so can be plugged into a regular household socket. As with some other compressors, it is contained within a protective roll cage that is designed to stand in either of two orientations making it either tall and thin or short and wide. It can be operated in either orientation. Unlike some cheaper compressors, it has the much preferred ball drain valve for tank draining. Unlike other portable compressors, this has a high tank pressure of 200 psi with the motor cutting in at 165 psi. The maximum output pressure on the regulator however is 160 psi. Like almost all portable compressors, it too has a 50% duty cycle so can not be over-worked without over-heating.


Which air tools does it work with?

  • Air Nailers: it works fine with the smaller Brad and most Finish nailers but will struggle to keep up with the bigger Framing nailers.
  • Air Impact Wrenches: it is NOT recommended for powering air impact wrenches.
  • Air Sprayers: it is NOT recommended for powering air sprayers.
  • Air Sanders: it is NOT recommended for powering air sanders.